An adverb is word that modifies a verb, adjective or other adverb by telling where, when, and how.

EXAMPLES of the different types of adverbs:
He will play football tomorrow.
The slumping child never corrected his posture.
He was crying yesterday.
He learned how to swim last year.
He will never stop being so greedy.

He stopped running here.
They crashed there.
He whined at his desk.
He hated watching movies there.
He disliked going to the golf center.

The ghost moaned loudly.
He ran in a cowardly manner.
He dropped the ball clumsily and lost the game for his team.
She sorted words alphabetically.
She gently pet the homeless puppy.

Degree Or Quantity:
It was too dark to see anything.
It was too hot to touch.
Dry ice is extremely cold.
It was raining very heavily.
It was too loud for Rohit to hear his friend.

Ceren is rarely late to our group meetings.
Brendan never brings in in completed work.
Sometimes she stays up late doing her homework.
On the over night trip he frequently emailed his parents.
He hated always carpooling in the morning.

Affirmative Adverb and Adverb of Negation:
He would surely finish the project on time.
He would not go to the dance.
He agreed to mow the lawn for a decent pay.
She said yes to doing a Prezi for the project.
I will definitely go to the fun fest our school is holding.

When did you last go to the mall?
Where did you go out to eat last night?
Why weren't you at the dance?
Who did you ask to do the citations for the project?
How did you sneak in to the party.

We don't know when he's coming.
We don't know why he didn't show up to the dance.
I don't have a clue about where she is.
The suspect didn't know where the stolen goods were.
I'm not sure how he got in the party without an invite.

1.) Which one of these is a adverb?

2.) How is a word an adverb? Pick One.
When it ends in ly
When it describes something
When it describes a verb, an adjective, or another adverb

3.) Which of these is an adverb? Pick One.

4.) Where is the adverb in this sentence?
The adverb is one of the most important parts of English grammar.

5.) Where is the adverb in this sentence?
An adverb can be placed anywhere in a sentence.

1.) Quickly
2.) When it describes a verb, an adjective, or another adverb
3.) Easily
4.) Most
5.) Anywhere

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